White Before Memorial Day

By: Ashley Wallace

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, a weekend famous for BBQ’s, pool parties, and killer sales, it holds the key to unlock a wardrobe essential – white pants (and shoes and bags and well… white everything)!

White Before Memorial Day


Some of us (but not all) have had their white outfits and accessories under strict lockdown since Labor Day Weekend.

Do you think it’s ok to wear white before memorial day?

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A Closet Essential For Any Business Professional

By: Ashley Wallace

The James Perse button down is a wardrobe must.  These shirts are timeless classics, as they transition from corporate wear (tucked into a pair of dress pants with a belt) to Casual Friday seamlessly. It’s also great for weekend wear when paired with lace shorts.  At CgC we think this kind of flexible wear deserves a standing ovation.


Closet Essential

How to wear it:
In 2012 the trend was to cuff the sleeves perfectly and precisely, making sure they were held in place by the button tab.  For 2013,  it’s all about looking effortless.  This season, these shirts should be gathered at the button tab,  not cuffed, creating an effort free illusion.


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How to Wear a T-shirt to Work

By: Juliet Clark

I know what you’re thinking; I can’t wear a graphic tee to work. That’s a total myth and a thing of the past, follow these 3 tips and you can definitely rock your favorite tee at work and not just on casual Friday.

tshirt to work 3


Wear patterned or colored trousers and still be professional in your favorite graphic tee

tshirt to work 2


This dresses your favorite tee up and really makes a statement.

t-shirt towork 1


A pencil skirt and a blazer are the perfect combination to spice up your graphic tee for the office.
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Hair Debacles Solved

By: Ashley Wallace


High Bun

High Bun

As the runner up, we have the sock bun. (Hopefully a clean sock) Sock buns are quickly gaining popularity as an option for those mornings your hair just won’t cooperate, or you hit the snooze button one too many times .  A sock bun is the perfect camouflage; an elegant illusion for dirty, wet, and/or unruly hair.  (For more details see The Sock Bun goes Couture)

And if the idea of putting a sock in your hair is just a little too crazy for you, they now have these amazing donuts that makes this whole sock bun concept even easier so you don’t have to worry about the CEO catching a glimpse of  the sock sticking out of your hair during of that important meeting.

Ribbon Ponytail

Ribbon Ponytail Holders

Here at CgC, we can’t seem to avoid the “get my hair out of my face I’m trying to work” moments, so we swear by these ribbon ponytail holders.  A spin on the simple ponytail holder, and a must have.

*Did we mention it looks cute on your wrist, too?




Loose curls, a basic ponytail or the classic bun are often seen in the work place but there is a new style on the rise.  As a fun twist on an old classic, a side fishtail braid can be the answer for those with medium to long hair who often struggle to find an interview appropriate hairstyle that is both comfortable and fashionable.. Not only is the side fishtail a classy first impression hairstyle but it’s also perfect for those mornings you swear you set the alarm, but it never went off.  And trust me we all have them, even in the corporate world.
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Synonyms Do Not Exist in the Fashion World: Tank Tops Versus Sleeveless

By: Ashley Wallace

Yes, there is a difference! All of these years, you have been led to believe that “sleeveless” was a synonym for “tank top”. In reality, it’s actually a different style of top. Sleeveless is a term used to describe shirts that cover most of the shoulder, and CgC designates it as “corporate appropriate”. Sleeveless is the only style of top that is appropriate for the workplace that does not have traditional sleeves.

Tank tops, on the other hand, show much more of the shoulder (razor back tops show even more), and usually have thin straps.

The “spaghetti” strap has a newer claim on the world of fashion, and is used to specify a certain type of extremely thin strap. These shirts were named after the thin pasta (talk about an interesting marketing strategy!), and now society will forever call them “Spaghetti” straps. They show much more shoulder than tank tops, and are completely inappropriate to wear to work, unless they are used as an undershirt. That being said, they make great layering pieces for those shirts with a slightly deeper neckline, making them office appropriate.


SleevelessSpaghetti StrapTank TopSynonyms do not exist

(from left to right: sleeveless, spaghetti strap, tank top, razor back)


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Trousers Are Back (and we are not talking the 20th century version)

By: Ashley Wallace

Trousers were first designed for woman in the early twentieth century,  and they are back in fashion, but this time, with just a bit more style (okay, a lot more).   The ankle length hem allows for a plethora of style combinations.  They are a fabulous way to spice up a wardrobe, and are on the working girl’s “must have” list!!

Top 3 Reasons why they made the list:

  • You can highlight your shoes with the ankle length hem
  • You can change from a heel to a flat with no worries about the fabric dragging on the floor
  • They don’t need to be hemmed

Trousers are a must, and this season they are poping up in a rainbow of colors. Hello 21st Century, the trendy trouser has arrived!

Trouser Are Back

The Look: Suit by Theory, Shirt by Elizabeth and James, 
Black Bumps, Belt by BCBG, Bow Ring & Necklace 
“Sculpture to Wear”by  Llana Krepchin,
 (CgC Readers save 20% off with coupon code CgC20)

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Trend Alert!!

By: Ashley Wallace


Color on Color. Yes, you heard correctly; we are telling you it’s okay to wear different shades of the same color together, and that wearing pieces with the same hues together is actually quite stunning.  It’s time to wipe that surprised (and maybe horrified) look off of your face:  It’s not like we told you to wear stripes and polka dots together (but hey, that’s trending too!).  Just wait until you see this new trend in action… it’s absolutely gorgeous!
Color on Color


We love wearing all white (except after laundry day), as a classic example of color on color.  Color on Color should be paired with neutral accessories to accentuate the look.   The key to executing this style with poise and perfection is to keep the accessories simple.  Follow that one rule, and your outfit is guaranteed to be a smashing success!
Color on Color 2
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Basic Suiting Saves The Day


By: Ashley Wallace

If the idea of shopping for business attire seems daunting, CgC  can provide a perfect road map to a successful, affordable and fashion forward wardrobe. Start with a matching suit in any of the three neutral colors: basic black, fashion forward tan, or a trendy (yet classic) navy. Any of these colors will provide an appropriate outfit for spontaneous interviews that seem to pop up when you least expect it.

 * This one suit will eliminate any future problems that a sadly under-stocked wardrobe can cause.

This suit, however, will serve a much broader purpose than just the mandated interview outfit.  It will become your staple and survival tool in the corporate world.  You simply can’t live without these two basic pieces, as a suit can be taken apart and used as separates, but can also operate in it’s entirety for that important meeting with the CEO.

For example, the suit pants go perfectly with a dressy blouse and pumps; simple, yet elegant, this is an outfit that is more than acceptable as business casual.

The suit jacket can turn a slightly casual dress into work appropriate attire instantly (though one should keep in mind that the appropriate hemline doesn’t change just because you throw a blazer over a dress).

For business casual Fridays (West Coast), the blazer dresses up jeans and a classy T-shirt -We can’t live without Banana Republic satin trimmed T’s… talk about a classy basic!

Suiting Saves the Day 3

Suiting Saves the Day 1


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Must Have Studs

There are so many times when an outfit simply just needs a finishing touch, and it simply looks incomplete without it.  Some of us go for a simple necklace, while others go for a set of bangles, and others still, a pair of earrings.

Necklaces go with either the bangle or a pair of earrings, but at the office, it can be a little annoying to hear the “click clack” of a bangle or bracelet when you are trying to type on a keyboard, so earrings are always a safe, yet elegant, choice.

Here at CgC, we suggest a simple stud earring.  They are fun, business casual approved, and add just the right amount of character and class to any outfit.

Stud Earrings

1. Bronze Stud Earrings by Little Hawthrone (For CgC Readers-Use coupon code 3ORMORE to receive free shipping when you purchase 3 or more) 2. Mint Chrysanthemum Stud by Marolsha  3. Black Drusy Stud by Avery Elaine (For CgC Readers-Use coupon code FREESHIPPING for free shipping) 

A neutral stud that goes with pretty much everything!

Stud Earrings 2

1. silver plated knot stud  by Marxi (For CgC Readers-Use coupon code FREESHIPPING for free shipping)

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Desk to Date

desk to date

While weekend dates allow for more relaxed primping sessions, we don’t have such a luxury during week days. With meetings, deadlines and every other stressful contributor in between, that dreaded end of day beauty slump makes for tough date transformations.

Thankfully, superstar beauty products have made 5 pm beauty revivals an easy task. Whether it’s dressing up the eyes or rejuvenating the skin, here’s a roundup of some must-have beauty products that’ll help take you from dull to glamorous in a flash. Continue reading