Basic Suiting Saves The Day


By: Ashley Wallace

If the idea of shopping for business attire seems daunting, CgC  can provide a perfect road map to a successful, affordable and fashion forward wardrobe. Start with a matching suit in any of the three neutral colors: basic black, fashion forward tan, or a trendy (yet classic) navy. Any of these colors will provide an appropriate outfit for spontaneous interviews that seem to pop up when you least expect it.

 * This one suit will eliminate any future problems that a sadly under-stocked wardrobe can cause.

This suit, however, will serve a much broader purpose than just the mandated interview outfit.  It will become your staple and survival tool in the corporate world.  You simply can’t live without these two basic pieces, as a suit can be taken apart and used as separates, but can also operate in it’s entirety for that important meeting with the CEO.

For example, the suit pants go perfectly with a dressy blouse and pumps; simple, yet elegant, this is an outfit that is more than acceptable as business casual.

The suit jacket can turn a slightly casual dress into work appropriate attire instantly (though one should keep in mind that the appropriate hemline doesn’t change just because you throw a blazer over a dress).

For business casual Fridays (West Coast), the blazer dresses up jeans and a classy T-shirt -We can’t live without Banana Republic satin trimmed T’s… talk about a classy basic!

Suiting Saves the Day 3

Suiting Saves the Day 1


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