Hair Debacles Solved

By: Ashley Wallace


High Bun

High Bun

As the runner up, we have the sock bun. (Hopefully a clean sock) Sock buns are quickly gaining popularity as an option for those mornings your hair just won’t cooperate, or you hit the snooze button one too many times .  A sock bun is the perfect camouflage; an elegant illusion for dirty, wet, and/or unruly hair.  (For more details see The Sock Bun goes Couture)

And if the idea of putting a sock in your hair is just a little too crazy for you, they now have these amazing donuts that makes this whole sock bun concept even easier so you don’t have to worry about the CEO catching a glimpse of  the sock sticking out of your hair during of that important meeting.

Ribbon Ponytail

Ribbon Ponytail Holders

Here at CgC, we can’t seem to avoid the “get my hair out of my face I’m trying to work” moments, so we swear by these ribbon ponytail holders.  A spin on the simple ponytail holder, and a must have.

*Did we mention it looks cute on your wrist, too?




Loose curls, a basic ponytail or the classic bun are often seen in the work place but there is a new style on the rise.  As a fun twist on an old classic, a side fishtail braid can be the answer for those with medium to long hair who often struggle to find an interview appropriate hairstyle that is both comfortable and fashionable.. Not only is the side fishtail a classy first impression hairstyle but it’s also perfect for those mornings you swear you set the alarm, but it never went off.  And trust me we all have them, even in the corporate world.
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