Orange Is Not The New Black?

By: Novelle Shakeel

When you see the word “jumpsuit” do you think of those awful black and white stripes or gaudy orange? Well, think of those no longer, because the jumpsuit is a stylish option and can even serve as an alternative to the LBD or the LWD. The jumpsuit is a versatile piece in your closet that can be worn to work and out for a night with the girls. Here are some tips when you are shopping and styling a jumpsuit.


Orange is not the new blackThe Jackie jumpsuit by Black Halo


1. If you are nervous about wearing a jumpsuit, get your feet wet with an all black jumpsuit. The slimming effect is a bonus!
2. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing the jumpsuit by itself, pair it with a blazer. (If you’re daring, pair it with a bold color)

3. Pick the right fabric and draping. Make sure your focus is on your best assets, and make sure that you accentuate your waist!

(The ideal jumpsuit is draped loosely, but not loose enough to look baggy and the waist is cinched in)

4. Heels are the way to go! Long jumpsuits don’t look good with flats, so when you’re buying it, make sure it’s not too short.

5. Choose the right accessories. If the jumpsuit is all one color, go for a statement necklace or bracelets. If your jumpsuit is printed, minimal is the way to go with accessories. Accessories are also a great way to transition your look from work to play.

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