Go BOLD or Go Home

By: Saloni Mahendro

In the world of fashion, our interest in all things ethnic should come as no surprise. From tribal prints to beaded collars, we’ve seen and done it all.


go bold or go homeGold Wrist Cuff, Polyvore.Com


Today, however, it seems that our fascination has turned into a full-blown obsession, especially when it comes to neckpieces and bracelets. Heavy gold and silver cuffs make a statement without being too overpowering, and the right neckpiece can add interest to the most basic of necklines. Items like these are chic, versatile, and above all – take little to no time to add to your outfit.  Some designs seem as though they’ve stepped straight out of a museum or bazaar and thankfully, we are beginning to embrace these designs on a regular basis. They add just the right amount of intrigue and inspiration to any outfit, even the classic work combination of white blouse, black trouser. Classic metals like gold and silver are easier to incorporate whereas brass and rose gold, when done right, can be just as interesting. Still, if these heavy-duty accessories are too bold for your taste, try tarnished versions of silver and gold. These pieces are more subdued but equally exciting and in fact, may strike up more conversation than their traditional counterparts. In either case, the point here is play with intricately patterned solid metals instead of chunky, colorful, stones.  This way, the color of your top and bottom is of little to no importance – all that matters is your mood.



Ethnic-inspired jewelry packs a serious punch

go bold or go home 3Short Layered Disc Necklace, Sole Society

go bold or go home 2Hammered Bib Necklace, Nordstrom.

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