Holy Grail of Work Wear

By: Courtney Parker


As a woman, cultivating a work wardrobe can be challenging. You want to appear professional and stylish, but don’t want to break the bank. It sounds like a tall order, but there’s actually a simple solution and that is the sheath dress. A sheath dress is a sleek and feminine office option for work wear that will work for you from morning rush hour to happy hour. Whether you are an experienced executive or just making your foray into the business world, here are the three reasons why you need to add a sheath dress to your closet.

Holy Grail of Work Wear


1. The Variety. There are an array of colors and cuts available, which makes it possible to find an option that’s suitable for any office environment. The other benefit of having so many choices available to you, is that you can find quality options at every price point.

2. They save time. There are days where you are dashing out the door so quickly that you barely have time to consider breakfast, let alone map out an entire ensemble. The sheath dress is a lifesaver on those days. Just throw it on with some neutral pumps and you will be work ready in under a minute. You can pair it with your favorite bag and jewelry to infuse the look with a little bit of your personality.

3. They’re timeless. When the chillier weather arrives, don’t feel the need to stash your sheaths in the back of your closet. Pair them with tights and a blazer or coat and, you will have created a look you can use throughout the fall and winter months. What’s more is the sheath dress is a classic piece that will continue to be in style year after year.

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