How to Fix a Pair of Ripped Nylons

By: Amy Salcido


Although there are some major perks to wearing nylons – they tend to be super fragile by easily tearing on you. We’ve all had those moments where you are on your way to a meeting you have been anticipating all day long, and suddenly there is a tear in your tights and it only keeps getting worse as the threads come undone.


 Ripped Nylons

You now have a run in your tights, what to do? Either you take them off immediately (because torn nylons are simply unacceptable) or you fix them by using a bit of clear nail polish or a tiny bit of clear glue (which is perhaps more accessible while at work). Of course this can only be fixed if there is a minor run. We suggest you toss them in the trash if they have any major, irreparable damage.

Thankfully, it is perfectly acceptable for women to have bare legs in the office nowadays, so you really are better off without them in this scenario.

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