How To Make Spring Polish Trends Work for The Office

By: Amna Anwar

With every turn of a season, there comes a wave of new beauty trends. While this spring gives way to fun trends like bright hued lipsticks and radiant orchid tones, it’s the cool nail polish trends that truly stand out. As one who enjoys keeping up with trending manicure colors, poppy colors are usually not suitable for professional settings. Luckily, this season gave way to easily adjustable shades that are just begging to be worn. From smooth pastels to luxurious metallics and ultra-chic whites, here are some tips to wear this season’s best nail polish options.

Nail Polish


Pastel tones: Although an attractive mint and sweet baby blue polish look beautiful on nails, it’s best to skip these vibrant colors for everyday wear. A more appropriate option would be pastels in light alternatives. Lilacs, pinks and peach pastel polishes compliment a variety of skin tones and offer a fresh substitute for traditional neutral manicures.

Deborah Lippmann’s Spring Reveries Collection offers an attractive display of pastel tones that work perfectly for the office and go straight into the weekend.

$18 each,

Metallic Polish: Nails often look ultra-cool coated in high shine metallic colors but its best to play down this reflective trend by choosing a hue in a shimmered finish. Polishes blended with muted sheen offer just enough glitz for professional settings. Butter London’s “Trifle” is a decadent plum-based copper that reads both rich and modern.


White Manicures: While an opaque chalky white is standard during the summer months, this trend is too harsh for the office. The trick to pulling off this season’s white craze is to opt for creamier and subtle blends. Essie’s “Marshmallow” is the ideal sheer white that is both buildable and flattering on nails.



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