3 Ways to Update Your Work Outfit (Without Buying New Clothes)

By: Alecia Smith


Lets face it, there are times when our work outfits bore us. There are just times where you stand in your closet and feel like you are wearing the same thing again and again. Below there are a few ways to take an old outfit and give it a little update without spending tons of money on a new wardrobe!

update yourwardrobe

1. Statement Jewelry: Add a statement necklace, some bangles and/or some earrings that are a bright color. Not only will it add some color to your outfit but it will also add a bit of an update to an old outfit!

2. Shoes: Leave the black, tan or brown shoes in your closet and pull out a pair of shoes with some color! You can also pull out some patterned heels like leopard or striped!

3. Handbag: Leave the black handbag that matches your outfit at home! Try carrying a handbag that is a bold color like blue, yellow or green. This will not only add some color to your outfit but will also add an update to your outfit!


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