A Bright Idea for Work Wear

By: Courtney Parker

Bright Idea

If you’re thinking your work wardrobe could use a little summer lovin’, try throwing some neon pieces into the mix. They’re perfect for breathing a little life into your ensemble and there are several methods
of incorporation available to you, from subtle to loud. Depending on your office’s dress code and your personal taste, you can choose the option that suits you best.
Bright Idea 2Bright Idea 3Bright Idea 4Bright Idea 5
The most subtle way to bring these hues to the office is with accessories. A bright bag, belt, pair of shoes or piece of jewelry will bring a hint of pizzazz to your office look, without drastically altering your usual work aesthetic.
 Bright Idea 6Bright Idea 7
Pairing a punchy top with your suit slacks or skirt will bring a shot of life to your work outfit. You’ll want to keep your skirt/slacks to neutral colors like, black, gray, navy, khaki or white. It will allow your top to really pop and still maintain a professional look. If you want to kick it up a notch you could pair one of your neon accessories with your look.
Bright IDea 8 Bright IDea 9
A neon dress (sheath or wrap) is definitely a standout approach, but can still be just as appropriate for the office as your other options, if executed properly. You’ll want to keep all other aspects of your look neutral and keep your accessories to a minimum.
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