Blaze Through the Night

By: Amy Salcido


Woman with Blue Suit

Ahhhh, the blazer!

An essential piece of clothing crowding the closets of every businesswoman from end to end! If you thought you could ONLY wear your favorite blazer with the matching slacks you got at your go-to department store…think again!

If you are the owner of a bomber (sporty-zip front jacket), boyfriend, tailored, draped, cropped, ¾ sleeved, schoolboy, long and lean, tuxedo, or a classic blazer, you are doing something right. All are perfectly acceptable for the office. Think of it as an accessory – a distinct piece added to your wardrobe to enhance your outfit and/or make a statement. Therefore, your blazer does not necessarily have to scream traditional business attire. Next time you consider purchasing an entire suit, but hesitate because you think it’ll only get worn once, consider the alternative. A suit can be worn time and again as separates, creating completely new looks for interviews, meetings, special engagements and for blazing through the night.

From work to happy hour, consider a quick fix by swapping out your trousers for a pair of black leather shorts. Let your hair down into loose curls, tuck in whatever shirt you are already wearing along with your blazer. The blazer will pull the entire look together and it will instantly alter your look by adding a bit of sophistication to your sassier style. Now, go give this a quick night-time subtle transformation a try!


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