Let’s get Nautical

By: Courtney Parker

Nautical Fashion 2


School is almost out, the beaches are getting crowded, and the weather is getting warmer. You know what this means. Summer is upon us! While you may not be headed out to your vacation just yet, you can bring some of the nautical style of the season with you to the office. Nautical pieces scream summer and work all season long from the water’s edge to the water cooler. Here are some examples of the kinds of pieces that will help you achieve this look.

If you choose a striped option, keep the other pieces of the look solid with colors that encompass those of the stripes. This will allow the
stripes to really pop and create a very finished look.

Polka Dots

You will typically want to pair polka-dot piece with solid colors as well. However, if you are feeling a little adventurous you could pair them with a striped piece. (Just make sure they are in the same color family)

Red, White and Blue

If you’re not someone who likes wearing patterns, you can pair solid pieces in red, white or blue to achieve the nautical look. Adding nautical accessories like this bangle will add a little something extra.


let's get nautical

let's get nautical 2



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