Quantity VS. Quality

By: Whitney Valverde

Quantity vs Quality


Although I’m not the biggest fan of Michael Kors (not because I don’t like him, but I’m just not that into his designs), he did say something that seemed very wise to me: “Because of what’s going on with the economy, I think women are realizing that maybe they don’t need a closet full of clothes. They just need the right clothes.”

I must confess that I get drawn a lot into the new stuff. I have this crazy thing, I leave the tags on until I’m about to wear something as I get so much pleasure out of cutting a new tag! The fact that it’s exciting, never-worn before and all mine makes it brighten-up to my closet (even if it’s black) and gives me a little rush 😉 Of course, now that I’m a bit older and way past my teen years and first years of working, I’m much more careful with my wallet. Also, if I’m not carful I end up buying a bunch of items which I no longer like or appreciate. Having said that there’s so much beauty around us, it can sometimes be difficult to have a clear vision on that which we will actually wear for any length of time and that which is just a passing trend, and will be worn once, or twice at a maximum and then left in the deepest darkest part of the wardrobe reserved for forgotten-clothes of moments past.

Not long ago I found myself wearing a hotchpotch collection of an outfit (and thank God I didn’t bump into anyone I know!) for going to the supermarket, running unimportant errands that wouldn’t require me looking presentable, and just seeing my mom quickly. I realized these clothes have one thing in common….they share the feeling of nothing. They don’t make me feel special in any way but at the same time I don’t hate them either.

After a recent dinner with a dear friend who’s always happy in her own (chic) style, she told me a couple of things that rung very true to me and made me open an eBay account and sell those clothes full of nothingness. The first pearl she imparted on me was, “why would you not want to look/feel fab every day? And second “What’s the point on having loads of clothes if you end up only wearing those really cool pieces by the brands you love?” So yes, I’m letting go, bidding a fond farewell and selling, no…providing an opportunity for someone else to love all those pieces that have for me at least fallen from grace. What will I buy with the proceeds of this fire sale? Well, after careful thought and consideration it behaves me to get a fabulous bag that I have promised myself I will love cherish and want to wear all the time. That’s why it’ll be big, dark and classic in spite of my love for colour and wild form!! I think I may be growing up and finally starting to appreciate the classic look!

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