The Corporate Crop Top

By: Courtney Parker



Many people shudder at the idea of wearing a crop top. After their stint of popularity in the late 80’s, they were relegated to the list of things we can’t believe were ever in style, along with anything acid washed and parachute pants. Recently, however, the crop top got a super chic makeover and it is back, better than ever. The retail atmosphere and the runways have been strife with crop tops and they are popping up in every color, pattern, and material imaginable. While they are fun for hot summer days paired under your overalls or with a sexy skirt for a night out, they do expose a little skin and that isn’t an appropriate option for most office environments. However, there are styling options available that make it suitable for wearing into the office.

Crop Top

In order to eliminate the visible midriff, choose a high waisted skirt or pair of pants to go with your top. Given that there are different lengths of crop tops, you can execute this style in a couple of ways. If you choose a shorter crop top, you will end up with a skin gap. This is fine if you work in an atmosphere with a very lax dress code, as the skin visibility would be minimal. However, if this doesn’t fit with your office’s dress code or if you just aren’t comfortable with any exposed skin, add a blazer to the ensemble.

If you opt for a longer version of the crop top, it will meet the top of your skirt or pants. This will eliminate the skin gap all together and it will create the illusion that you’re wearing a dress or jumpsuit, as opposed to two separate pieces. This option also allows you to create different aesthetics by switching the bottoms you wear. If you prefer a sleeker form fitting look, pair it with a pencil skirt or slim fitting slacks. For more of a modest look, go for a skirt with more volume or wide legged pants.

–Another way to wear the crop top without showing skin is to use it as a layering piece. This option will add depth to your look and allow you to rock your crop tops year round, over short or long sleeve tops. While this will work in any atmosphere, just be considerate of the blouses you choose to layer your crop tops over.

You will want to avoid chunky sweaters and other bulky materials, as it will create a lumpy and disheveled look. Try to stick with blouses made from lighter materials–think a sleek button up or a very light knit. Sticking with lighter materials will not only look nicer, but will also keep you cooler during your busy work day. You will be able to layer the same crop top over many of the tops you already own and create a multitude of different looks, vastly expanding your outfit options for work that flatter your silhouette.


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