Trend Alternatives to make any Dress Code so 2014

By: Heather Funk
2014 Trends


Remember formal shorts?

Every style magazine in 2008 was all about the beach-inspired trend and the multiple ways any fashionista could work it into her daily life, from work to after-dinner drinks and back again. Although shorts are not going anywhere any time soon, many times a working lady may have found herself disappointed to take a bold (and admittedly very cute!) trend out for a spin, only to find a carefully-worded memo coming from HR shortly after.

It’s a truth we all have encountered at one point or another. No matter how huge a proponent you are of staying a la mode, sooner or later, you may find yourself encountering a look that, although you love, you are just not going to be able to make it work at, well, work.

Never fear, bold and beautiful CgC readers! All it takes is the tiniest touch of thinking outside the box to work silhouettes that may not fly at work blend into your corporate wardrobe. Just read on!


Trend #1: Crop Tops

Ah, the crop top. The look that, in previous incarnations, we did a million crunches to pull off has finally been reworked (combined with a high waist) into a classy, swingy, fun way that makes us feel somewhere between Brigitte Bardot frolicking on the Riviera and Gwen Stefani killin’ it on stage at a ska festival. Outside of the world of fashion, it’s safe to suppose that bare midriff may never fly in an office setting. However, a boxy top with a gorgeous bateau neckline tucked into a pencil skirt has just enough summery finesse to channel the look Monday through Friday, leaving two days a week to show off our abs. Check out the laser-cut details on this Banana Republic version (left)


Trend #2: Ugly Shoes

The Celine shower slides that cost more than your first car have created enough buzz to make the bees jealous and Birkenstocks have shown up everywhere from the streets of New York to reworked high fashion style for Karlie Kloss at Cannes. Unfortunately, between meetings and power lunches, work calls for something with a bit more structure. The single-strap sandal with a walkable heel is simple, classic, versatile and so current. This cobalt python sandal from Diane Von Furstenburg really will carry you from your coffee break to happy hour!


Trend #3: Palazzo Pants

Easy, breezy printed palazzo pants are exactly what you dream of wearing in the beautiful white stucco town house on the banks of the Aegean you tend to dream about when the office AC gets a touch too high. Why can’t we feel easy and breezy while we’re checking our emails at a desk? A rule of thumb: if it can reasonably be worn over a bathing suit, it probably won’t fly in the workplace. Palazzo pants certainly look best worn in the bright summer sun, as opposed to the fluorescent lights of a cubicle.

The solution here can be summed up in one word: linen. Every workwear line worth its salt features a pair of flowy, breathable linen trousers that will almost definitely have you picturing that turquoise seascape as you sip your morning java! This pair by Lotta Stensson (Shiny Linen Judo Pant) features a flattering, hip drape wide leg cut. Pair it with low heels and a collared button-up for a look that’s Audrey Hepburn via Molly Ringwald!

What trends have you found yourself longing to translate into career-wear that just wouldn’t fly? Got any clever alternatives to share with the CgC community? Feel free to drop us a line!
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