Your Suits Summer Savior

By: Courtney Parker

The twenty first of June has come and gone, meaning the summer season is officially upon us. With all of the cookouts, beach days and family vacations, the season also brings more daylight hours, a sweltering heat, and, if you’re really lucky, some nice sticky humidity. Unless you work in an igloo, dodging the heat all together is nearly impossible. This means your daily struggle of figuring out what to wear to the office will have an added degree of difficulty for the next few months, as you try not to be cooked alive on your morning commute. Summer is turning your trusty business suit to transition from friend to foe and you probably find yourself wondering why you ever bought that chamber of insulation in the first place.


 There is a piece of clothing that has been making its rounds in the fashion world that will put your suit back into your good graces and into your wardrobe rotation. The sleeveless blazer is going to be your lifesaver this season. It will replace your long-sleeved blazer and help your suit make a seamless transition into the steamy summer months. Because it is sleeveless, however, if not styled appropriately, it can come off as a more casual weekend piece than a professional and sophisticated one.

The sleeveless blazer has a great structure which will help create the same professional aesthetic you desire when you opt to wear a suit. Therefore, the easiest way to keep this piece from appearing too casual or weekend friendly is to select a few that are plain in color and simple in design (keep away from embellishments). This will not only create a more office appropriate look, but it will also turn into a versatile piece that can be easily styled with a lot of items you already have in your wardrobe.

If you decide to wear it with a pair of your suit slacks, you will have a look that is just as appropriate for the office as one created with a traditional blazer, but with a bit of an edge. If you still find yourself a little over heated, you can try pairing it with a pencil skirt (this will give you the same look as a skirt suit would) or over a sheath dress. If you decide to wear it over a sheath dress, there are a couple of color choices you can make. One is to go for a complimentary color if the dress is solid. If the dress is patterned, however, pick one shade that stands out and match it with the sleeveless blazer. This will create a more cohesive look.

Stick to wearing sleeveless blazers over short sleeve blouses to keep cool. Not only will it help you beat the heat, but it will keep the ensemble looking proportionate and balanced.

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