21 Words that will Make You Sound Smarter

By: Ashley Wallace

There is just something about using Buzzwords that grabs people’s attention and makes them look up at you with a whole new found sense of respect. We have all heard them and most likely have used them from time to time. Here are the top 21 words that were hand picked from the CgC Daily office. These 21 words will automatically add credibility to any sentence and (Drumroll please) change your life (or at least how people see you). 

Buzz Words


1.     Strategic
2.     Bottom line
3.     Pivot
4.     Empower
5.    Absolutely:  (when used instead of Yes)
6.     Accountability
7.     Alternative
8.    Best practice
9.    Big Picture
10.   Buy-in
11.   Challenge (when used as a euphemism for “problem”)
12.   Change agent (or catalyst)
13.   Circle back
14.   Coach(ing)
15.   Conceptualize
16.   Core competencies
17.   Deliverables
18.   Downward trend
19.   ​Face time
20.   Game plan 
21.   Get our ducks in a row:
  (No, this does not mean you are going hunting)

Warning: Uttering a mouthful of buzzwords can cause a whole room of people to stop talking and pause waiting for you to say something equally as brilliant.  

What is your favorite Buzzword to use?

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