A Quick Summer Treat

By: Jasmine Dahye Kim

After a long day of working and commuting in this summer heat, all you want to do is to go home and have a cold glass of wine or a beer. But, instead of drinking empty calories, why not try something a little bit healthier and yummy? Here is a recipe to a dessert called “Pat-Bing-Soo.” This is a Korean dessert that used to be made only with sweetened red beans, shaved ice, and milk back in the days. Many different variations are now available and some include Matcha powder and fruits. This dessert is perfect for a hot summer day and it’s super easy to make. Here is a healthier version with lots of fruits.

A Quick Summer Treat


Prep time: 10 minutes
Serves 2-4


·      3 cups of shaved ice

·      2 big tablespoons of sweetened red beans

·      4 tablespoons of milk

·      Fruits of your liking (anything works, but berries are usually the best!


1.     First, you want to shave the ice and scoop out 3 cups into a deep bowl.

2.     Then place the 2 big spoonfuls of sweetened red beans on top of the ice.

3.     Add the 4 tablespoons of milk.

4.     Gently place the fruits around the red beans.

5.     Serve as is.

6.     Mix and enjoy!

You can add in jellies, sprinkles, gummy bears, or mocha if you would like, but I personally enjoy eating this with just fruits and red beans because it is a healthier option.   I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!


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