How to Spiff up Your Work Attire

By: Nina Kallis

closet 2

I personally like my work wardrobe to have a good blend of both classy and edgy pieces to achieve whatever look I decide to create on a day-to-day basis. Work attire must be simple and timeless, but style has the power to uniquely express who you are and where you are going. You don’t want to look like everyone else at work… you want to look like you! 

Look classy, but with a touch of sexy, here are some outfits that might give you a little inspiration to spiff up your office attire. I mixed simple pieces with more daring ones to create the perfect edgy/sexy look. Enjoy these ensembles and hope you are inspired to recreate these outfits. Don’t forget to keep it simple, sophisticating, and sexy!


Here we have your average pencil skirt with boots in a bold color and a simple black tank top. Layer a chunky sweater and jacket over the tank top and rock this look that’s great for fall. 1850233

This ensemble is vintage inspired. The curled hair keeps the look fancy, but the flats make it a little more casual and comfortable. The dress is right above the knees, appropriate for work, and layering a blazer underneath the jacket creates an effortless look. This outfit is perfect for the spring season.


Here we have a satin wrap shirt layered underneath a basic kimono throw. The mixture of colors helps the look send off a bold statement. The corduroy pants keep the look simple and the shoes make the look chic yet touch. Personally, this look is one of my favorite outfits!





Here is an outfit that gives a feminine touch to your khaki pants. Wear a pretty, flowy, and detailed shirt with black heels and you are good to go. 


Here is another simple leather pants look. Add a sophisticated-looking jacket with a simple shoe and you have a very comfortable yet chic outfit/


Take one funky item and style it with simple pieces. Here is a pair of flower-patterned pants, paired with a simple shirt that has a feminine collar. The black strappy shoes add a touch of sophistication to the outfit and the bold, colorful bag gives the look a summery feel. Lastly, the earrings make the outfit look very girly and funky.


Here is a very casual outfit. A loose fitted top with a pair of leather pants gives this look an edgy feel. Add a pair of low heeled boots to give yourself an added classy touch. Leave your hair looking natural and simple to tie the whole outfit together. 


This is a very comfortable outfit for the office. I paired a basic pair of black jeans with a beautiful cotton button and added black boots and pearl earrings to avoid making it look “too casual.”



I am in LOVE with this flowy orange statement shirt. It goes really well with the pencil skirt and the look is just super chic and simple.

Which one is your favorite?

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