How to Wear Your Casual Clothes to the Office

By: Laura Adney

How to dress casually

After a great, relaxing weekend, I don’t always feel like getting into my office attire on Mondays. I dread feeling constricted by the structured fit of most of my work clothes and wish I could stay comfortable with my weekend, casual pieces. 

Well, good news! There are plenty of ways we can extend our weekend wear through the work-week. Here are some of my tips and three of my favorite ways to wear those casual, comfy clothes to the office. 

Of course, depending on where you work, these may or may not fly. If there are any pieces you are not sure if they comply with your work’s dress code, I suggest you ask your HR officer or your direct boss. Don’t rely entirely on what your colleagues wear to determine what’s appropriate, because as we all know, not all co-workers are a good representation of what is considered suitable for the office (you know who I’m talking about; the ones who are always trying to push the envelope or think that the rules don’t necessarily apply to them). Luckily for me, working for a start-up in Silicon Valley, I have a much more flexible dress code and can pretty much wear whatever I want, within reason of course!



Belt a cardigan or a button down blouse over a solid jersey dress and pair this ensemble with some classic pumps or neutral high-heel sandals for a polished outfit. Another option is to layer a crop top over your dress for a completely different look. 3437353

Style your favorite basic tee with a blazer and some over-sized baubles. Pair these with bottoms of your choice, be it trousers, a skirt, or even dark, clean, and well-fitting jeans if you work in a more casual office environment, to create a perfectly work appropriate outfit.4049268


Wear your skinny jeans with a figure-flattering blouse and eye-catching heels, Also, accessorize away! I love a good arm party, so I am more likely to stack 3-5 bracelets or bangles with a watch than to wear a statement necklace (though they are a must in your jewelry collection!)


Do you have any tips for wearing your casual clothes to the office that you’d like to share? If so, please do so in the comments section!

Xo, Laura


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