Outfit Ideas for Summer Events

By: Brittany Michele

For us working women, it can be difficult to make time to go out to shop for new outfits for the various, upcoming summer events. Working 9-5 (or longer hours for some) can leave us tired and uninspired to decide what to wear for a summer outing. Well, fear not! There are some key simple pieces you should keep on hand to help look great for every summer event that is quickly approaching.

Summer outfits


Since the weather can be extremely hot and humid in the summer, dressing for a cookout or a picnic can be a bit daunting. We don’t want to wear anything too tight or form-fitting. A breathable outfit that will withstand the heat is a must. So, for these types of outings, try a one-piece item like a romper, jumper, or maxi dress. They are easy to style, are made of breathable fabrics, and they are definitely on-trend for the summer. For such outings, you want to wear the least amount of clothing in the classiest way possible.

Beach Day

If you are heading to the beach to relax, but don’t plan go in the water, there are a few clothing options from which you can choose from. First is the kaftan. It resembles a maxi dress, but has a little bit more flair. You can find kaftans that are plain and simple and other that are a bit more bedazzled and colorful. Either way, you can’t go wrong with them. Kaftan’s come in a variety of lengths and they can be worn over a swim suit, which is perfect for a day at the beach.

A simple tank top and denim shorts are always a good option, as well. This look consists of a pretty standard pairing that always stands the test of time. A tank top and denim shorts will never go out of style, plus you can find these two items pretty much all year round in stores.

Lastly, as with a cookout or picnic, the maxi or romper are perfect for the beach as well. As stated earlier, it is a single piece that easy to throw on and very breathable for the beach weather.

Summer Wedding

Summer weddings can be a bit tricky. You want to look formal and elegant, but still dress practically and comfortably for the summer weather. For this occasion, your dress length is not very important. You can choose to wear either a short or a long dress. However, when picking the color, you must choose with more discretion; for instance, do not wear black during this time of year and keep away from wearing white. Maybe try something with a pattern. Strapless, thin straps, or one-shoulder dresses are great because they are not restrictive and can be a good choice if the wedding is held outside, for example, at a beach-side ceremony.

For whatever event(s) you are attending this summer, think light-weight, loose-fitting, and flowy when planning your outfits. Try brighter colors or even pastels, and lose the black or darker shades for this season. A final tip: experiment with metallic shades, as they are very on-trend at the moment. A metallic dress would be perfect for a summer wedding or even a metallic bikini for a beach day. It’s all about having fun with what you wear!

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