Transition Into Fall



By: Alecia Smith 


Believe it or not, it’s already time to start thinking about fall fashion and transitioning your wardrobe into the new season. I know. It’s hard to believe with the heat wave we are still experiencing, but fall will be here before we know it! Now, this doesn’t mean it’s time to put away your summer clothes just yet, but since it’s almost the end of July, it’s time to start thinking about fall trends. Below is a list of trends that are already popping up in departments stores and boutiques.  

Transition 2


1. Shades of Grey. One great color that is making a comeback this fall is grey. Whether it’s light or dark, grey is a great basic color for all fall clothes.

2. Red Red Wine. Another promising color scheme for fall includes shades of red and wine. Bordeaux, burgundy, oxblood, etc. will be great colors to pull out of your closet this fall. You can also mix these colors with grey to make a beautiful outfit!

3. Shirt Dress. The shirt dress has been a popular piece throughout this summer, but it is expected to stay trendy during the fall. Pair it with a great pair of tights and some pumps or booties and you will be super stylish!

4. Wide Leg Pants. Wide leg pants are another trend that has made it through the spring and summer and that will continue into the fall season. Great colors for these pants include British tan or camel. Pair them with a basic white button down and you have a perfect on-trend look for the office!

5. Rebellion. Leather has been a big trend for the last couple of seasons and it is here to stay. From leather jackets to leather pants/leggings you can’t go wrong with leather. Pair this leather look with some gold chunky jewelry and some black booties for that chic, rebellious look.  

6. Athletic. The athletic or sporty lux trend will continue through the fall. Track pants, joggers, sweatshirts, and the like will stay trendy during fall and not only they help you look great and comfortable, but also give you a break from your 9-5 look!

7. Tweed. Be sure to stock up on all things tweed for the fall. Whether it’s pants, shorts, jackets, or a suit, you cannot go wrong with tweed this fall!

8. Single Sole Heel. Do not forget about the single-soled pump. Platform heels are still on trend, don’t get me wrong, but you must not neglect the single-sole pump. You can pair them with a dress or a great pair of wide leg pants for a classic look for fall.

With fall sneaking up on us, if you stick to some of the basic trends listed above, you won’t miss a beat transitioning from summer to fall! If you have some great summer pieces that fit any of the categories above, you will be able to transition those exact items into your fall wardrobe with just a little adjustment. 

For example, take a great pair of tweed shorts and pair them with some black tights, a pair of fabulous booties, a white button down shirt and a leather moto jacket. Ta-da!  After all, one of the exciting things about transitioning into a new season is getting creative with what we already have in our closets!


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