Athletic Wear Leads to a Healthy Lifestyle

By: Alecia Smith

Athletic wear and styling has become a hot fashion trend that’s been taken with much excitement and interest by the industry. It is now super trendy to wear striped athletic pants, yoga pants, jogger pants, hoodies, and tennis shoes to places that don’t necessarily include the gym and the trend allows comfort and style to blend seamlessly.

This new styling look not only shows an innovative change in fashion, but it also shines light into an important change in the commercial side of the industry. Clothing companies are now focused on selling more than just a product. They are now gearing their tools to sell a lifestyle and, with the ongoing topic of healthy living and obesity rates in the U.S., choosing to follow the new athletic-wear trend can promotea a healthier way of life. The clothing we put on to tackle the day can definitely have an effect on our choices and our behavior. I, personally, know that my attitude towards the day is different when I wear sweats or my pj’s as opposed to a dress or even jeans and a nice top. So what can we do to motivate ourselves to hit the gym or go for that run we kept avoiding? The answer may now be in what we choose wear!

Athletic Wear

As a result of the heated reaction from customers to the new sporty trendy, athletic wear is now more colorful, better fitting, and, surprisingly, more fun to shop! I never thought I would say “I’m excited to go shopping for gym clothes or workout wear!” But brands such as Lululemon, Athleta, Zella, Nike, and other traditional sports brands have tuned up the volume. Their clothing options not only allow you to wear them to the gym, but they are stylish enough for you to wear to run errands, meet friends for lunch, and more.

There appears to have been a shift from just focusing on the function of athletic clothing, to focusing on both function and fashion. This is a huge change for women. I’m sure there are some of you who remember the days of Umbro and Adidas (before this style update), when we had to wear oversized workout clothing that….read more

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