Beauty Hacks: 6 Glam Girl Tricks for the Office

By: Bree Aylwin

Remember those days when you showed up at the office looking and feeling your best – your hairs perfectly done, makeup meticulously applied, and outfit flawlessly paired – only to find that half way through the day your hair’s falling flat, makeup is wearing off & your outfit looks drab? Yeah, me too. Thankfully though, my (many) experiences of the midday beauty-slump helped me come up with a few quick tricks to keeping that glam style & look last from dawn til dusk.

Beauty Tips


1. Use a setting spray on your makeup before leaving the house. This will set your makeup so it lasts longer & stays put throughout your busy day
2. Before applying your perfume, apply a bit of unscented lotion to the areas you apply your perfume; this little trick will help hold the scent there so it lasts all day!
3. Leave the bright lipstick at home. Sure, we all love a bright lipstick but they can be pretty high maintenance. Instead opt for a tinted lip balm that you can apply without the hassle of bleeding or getting it on your teeth!…Read the rest of the tips here!

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