How Coaching Made Me a Better Manager

By:Kelly Evanko

When people hear the word coach, they immediately associate the word with a sports coach who motivates, encourages, and trains his team to win the game. Surprisingly, there is a similar objective to this kind of leadership in the professional sector. When I started my retail career as an assistant manager, I was a fish out of the water as far as motivating and encouraging my employees. I had to ask myself what are the tools I need to succeed as a good manager? I sought out the other managers on my team and observed them in action while asking lots of questions. I opened myself up to feedback and constructive criticism and, in the end, all of these initiatives really helped me build myself up for the position. I listed here some of the things I observed, learned, and put into play that I believe made me not only a better employee, but a better manager. I learned to lead my team to successful results and that, in turn, led to a peaceful working environment.


 The first thing I learned (and I really think this is a great tool to utilize) is to BE YOUR OWN COACH. If you look inward at your own work and think about ways you can improve YOUR growth on a personal level, then you have what it takes to pass that wisdom onto your team. A good coach changes the game early on. If there is something that is not working or that needs to be changed, such as a behavior or a technique, NOW is the best time to remedy it before a undesirable action has been taken, or a foul decision has been made.

    A good coaching method is to always provide guidance and to constantly motivate the employees on your team. You should always encourage positive behavior and recognize employee contributions. This positivity will ultimately help your whole team develop and grow. Also, don’t forget to…read more

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