Sass Up Your Suit

By: Courtney Parker


The power suit has been an ever-evolving force in women’s fashion for over 90 years, since Coco Chanel debuted a style she dubbed the “woman’s new uniform.” It consisted of a knit wool cardigan and matching skirt and, from then on, the suit has faced countless makeovers that altered everything from the shape and style of the blazer, to the cut of the slacks and the lengths of the skirts. Despite the longevity of this style, it has ceased to be as much of a power player in the wardrobes of working women recently. It’s typically the first piece of professional garb we purchase when we make our foray into the workforce. It’s what we wear to the interview for the job and on the day we finally get that promotion. But now? Now, it just hangs in the back of the closet getting passed over day after day for looks that offer up a little more pizzazz. It’s not that the power suit is dead. It just needs a breath of fresh air—a face lift if you will, and there’s some fairly simple methods for doing just that.





Take it to a tailor

Since the day you bought your suit, your style is probably not the only thing that has changed. You have probably changed, as well. Try taking your suit to a tailor and have it altered to perfectly fit your height and size. You will be surprised at the impact this may have. It will leave you with a more polished ensemble.

Jazz up your lapels

The lapels of your suit jacket are the perfect way to…read more


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