When Life Hands You Lemons…

By: Jamie Taylor

When life hands your lemons, we can pause our lives and cry our eyes out. Or, we can make a ton of different cooking recipes that are both healthy and delicious. Last night, my husband and I picked up some organic lemons from Whole Foods and used them to make Limoncellos with a recipe we learned when we were in Positano, Italy. The recipe is very easy and simple, but it’s just a little unfortunate that we don’t have Amalfi lemons available here in the States. They make Italian Limoncellos so much more irresistible, but we’ll see how these Whole Foods lemons compare.



Anyhow, I hate to waste food so when I had all these leftover “naked” lemons, I wanted to make something creative.  First, I made low-calorie strawberry lemonade. You can find the recipe Here and I must say, it is so refreshing!

I also decided to make lemon juice ice cubes!  I have never tried them, but thought they would be great for ice water or for cocktails. I had these cute star ice trays so I took a turkey baster and filled up the cubes with leftover lemon juice.


lemon juice

{brilliant idea- Lemon Juice ice cubs for refreshing beverages!}


{peeling the lemon grinds was the hardest part so I left that for the hubby}

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