Breakfast of Champions: Overnight Chia Seed Pudding

By: Carly Clydesdale

This time, breaky (breakfast) is overnight chia seed pudding! My friend Kylie taught me how to make this and I have to say that I’m obsessed. It takes 5 minutes to make it in the evening, and by morning, you have a delicious and filling breakfast at the ready.

Breakfast of Champions 3



–       ½ cup almond milk

–       1 scoop vanilla protein powder

–       3 tbsp chia seeds

Get ready for the elaborate instructions: mix the milk, protein powder and chia seeds together in a jar (or mug!), and put in the fridge overnight.

You must be thinking: “WAIT! THAT CAN’T BE IT!” Oh, but it is. In the morning, pull your pudding out of the fridge and add whatever fresh toppings you desire (I like chopped banana, blueberries, and/or cinnamon). BAM! Yummy, healthy, AND filling breakfast awaits you!


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