Nouveau Noir

By: Saloni Mahendro

Ah, black – the ultimate in chic and mysterious, the go-to color for punks, goths, and fashionistas everywhere. Many of us still see black as failsafe, but our mistake lies in the fact that our ‘goes with everything’ mentality limits us to wearing it in only one way. We are too quick to dismiss wearing all black as boring when in actuality, if done right, wearing this color head to toe can give you that effortlessly chic look without even having to try. The trick is to know when and how to wear certain pieces and most importantly, how to ensure that you don’t get lost in the darkness.

Noveau Noir


Transitioning this monochromatic look from day to night is probably its biggest advantage, especially on those days where your evening plans are uncertain. We’ve all had those moments where an after work something or the other comes up and we find ourselves with little to no time to change. Several little tricks can spruce up any all black outfit in a few seconds, like putting on a statement necklace or a funky bracelet. We often use accessories to compliment our attire but in this case, a chunky necklace set against a black blouse or even a basic black tee suddenly adds interest to an otherwise simple outfit.

With lipsticks, most women are quite the experts in knowing what colors suit their skin. However, many of us also work within a limited color palette because our wardrobes simply don’t allow for neon pinks or vibrant oranges. However, when set against a perfectly…read more


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