How to Wear Shorts to the Office

By Brittany Michele

During the summer time, it is hard to find clothing that is heat proof while also being work appropriate. We are all trying to find clothing that is more breathable, loose fitting, and comfortable enough to wear outside, but also suitable for the office. Dresses and skirts are a great option, but sometimes we want to switch things up and add different pieces to the mix. Shorts never really enter our minds when considering an outfit to wear to work. But this summer, finding a pair of shorts that is office chic may be the best thing you ever did for yourself this season. So how can you wear shorts while still looking professional? Follow these few tips.


What length should the shorts be?

We don’t want you showing up to work in daisy dukes and having every eye in the office focused on you. What we do want is a length that covers you up but still looks fashionable. To make the process easier, think about the skirts that you buy. You wouldn’t wear a mini-skirt to the office and that is the same perspective you need to keep when shopping for shorts: something that is professional, chic and not too short. Place your hand on either side of your body and see where you finger tips stop. That can be a great reference point for length. You can generally go a little bit above that point (not too much higher), and definitely below that point. The fingertip rule is your best tool for deciding what length to wear in the office.

Which styles of shorts are best for the office?

When shopping for work shorts, you can have fun and wear printed patterns or keep it simple and wear solid black if you are testing out the waters. Either way you go, think professional chic. In terms of the cut, high-waisted shorts are always a nice option. They will give you a waist, can be belted, and are very versatile when pairing tops and accessories. Pleated shorts are also…read more

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