10 Incredible Beach Destinations

By Emma Maddalosso


There is nothing better than a long day at the beach. The sun relaxes your muscles, the sea gives you a boost of energy and the breeze takes all your stress away. A good book and a bottle of water is all you need. Back to simplicity, back to the roots, back to nature. If you can’t wait to feel the sand on your feet, the salt on your skin, and the wind in your hair, here you have 10 incredible destinations to book next time you need a break from the office!

Berlenga Islands, PortugalThis tiny Portuguese archipelago can be considered the first protected area in the world, for in 1465 King Alfonso V of Portugal forbade the practice of any form of hunting in Berlenga Grande. The Berlenga Nature Reserve is a unique place due to its transparent sea and underwater treasures. Hike, kayak, snorkel or swim the day away. Pack a picnic lunch and feast on the beach. Can you think of a better plan?

Maya Bay, Thailand

Leonardo Di Carprio’s The Beach put this sublime destination on the map but, in spite of the tourists, this beach is still one of the most beautiful places on earth. Dive and visit the nearby caves of Pirates. Play in the sand and feel like a kid again. The old Thai longboats that settle in on the beach will be the perfect frame for your pictures… Read more

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