3 Things Bold, Savvy and Sophisticated Woman Should Stop Saying

By Marisso Ingrande


Ladies, it’s time for some cold hard truth about our vocabulary. We know how much we all love to chat with our girlfriends and sound like Cher from Clueless while dissecting our love life, but it’s time for it to stop. Talking to your boss the way you talk to your best friend at happy hour only makes you look immature and inarticulate. If we want to be taken seriously we have to speak professionally and, in order to get your vocab back on track these, three phrases need to be cut out immediately.

1. “I Can’t”
“When he called me last night and told me he couldn’t go to dinner after I took the time to get ready, I was so pissed. I can’t. I just CAN’T EVEN!”… Read More
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