5 Things the Fashion Industry Taught Me

By Kristina Brahmstaedt


Five years ago, I started my career in fashion retail. As a recent high school graduate from a small city in the middle of nowhere, this new job wasn’t quite an easy ride. I had to realize that I wasn’t as fashionable as I thought, that I hadn’t the right clothes in my closet, and that I had a total disadvantage for not having super rich parents with a faible for designer handbags. The lessons I learned, however, helped me make my way up in this tough industry.

1. Don’t be as superficial as the industry

The only thing people in the fashion industry appear to be good at is to party, look good, and not eat anything. Of course, this is not true at all. First of all: You should definitely eat something. Second: For being really successful there is no alternative to working hard. This means that you have to wake up early, be on time, and, most important of all, know what you are talking about. You will certainly meet many impostors, but they will stumble on their ways someday. There is a lot more to know than the latest trends and the hottest clubs.

2. Be a follower…sometimes

As the new gal in the business, it is clever to follow the crowd in the beginning. Orient yourself, every company is a microcosm with its own rules. You do not have to hide, but find out how to dress, where to go after work, or how to behave in front of the bosses without attracting negative attention… Read More

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