6 Interview Tips to Nail Your Dream Job

By Martina Reynolds


In this day and age, interviews are gold and each should be treated that way. It is the time to show the company you are a valuable asset and that you are truly interested in the position. Remember, actions speak louder than words. Here are 6 ways to show you want the job!

1. Preparation is key – It is essential to know your CV (or resume as we call it here in the United States) inside and out and a mistake-free CV (Resume) is a must! You must be fully prepared to answer any and all questions regarding your past professional experiences, academic background, employment history gaps, and personal interests. Remember that little white lie you told about playing tennis on the weekends? Well, you might be asked which tennis club you have a membership! Honesty is most certainly the best policy when it comes to your CV.

2. Do your homework – It is very common for an employer to ask what you know about their company/business during the interview and it is your responsibility to find out everything humanly possible (this is an absolute must and you have no excuse not to do your research since information is easily accessible through the Internet). Some commonly asked questions include: when was the company established, who is the current director/CEO, what is the company ethos/motto, etc. A good tip is to perform a news search for the company to find out why they were most recently in the media. Some simple research can really turn the tables in an interview… Read More

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