6 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

By Molly Tullis


How you feel about the month of August greatly relies on your vocation. While some teachers look at this month like one long Sunday evening, college students often find themselves asking if they can move in two weeks early. Well, regardless of how you feel about summer ending, you can still make the best possible use of your dwindling vacation days. There are plenty of ways to get the most out of this season without breaking the bank! 

1. Try a Stay-cation. Stay-cations have become popular in the last few years as the economy has been strained and they involve literally staying at home. Just because you can’t dish out on a four-star hotel in Miami doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your vacation days! Call off a long weekend or even a week and turn off your work emails. Book yourself lunches and girls’ night out with friends, an extra special date night (one night at a hotel can’t hurt, right?), or even a spa day. Get all of the vacation without all of the travel hassle!

2. Get into summer reading. Did anyone else sign up for summer reading programs at their local library as a kid? It was a tradition for my sisters and I. Use some of the sun and rays to go outside on a lounge chair and crack open a good book. This seems commonplace, but I go months without reading a book because I always brush it off. Put on your bikini and tan while you flip the pages through a bestseller to get a mini-escape. Author’s Pick: The Vogue Factor.

3. Try Something New With Your Beauty Routine. Summer always brings out brighter and fresher make-up trends. Anything from orange lipstick to blue eye shadow seems to be fair game. Before we settle back into fall’s darker hues, try something new and unexpected to brighten up your beauty regime. Try highlights, new eye shadow, or even glittery and neon nail polish… Read More

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