Balancing Work and a Long Distance Relationship

By Hope Butler


Maintaining the right balance between work and a relationship is always hard, but for those of us in a long distance relationship, that balance is all the harder to establish. 

It is as if you have become a scale, with work weighing you down on one side and your relationship on the other. Things begin to stack up on one side – that project that needs finishing, that work event that needs attending, that trainee that needs supervising – and the other side of the scale begins to tip – the boyfriend asking when you are coming to visit, the desire to come home and have someone to relay your day to, etc. Eventually, with everything piled up on top of each other, the scales (or you, in this case) break and something just has to give.

Depending on where your life is at, this decision can be easier or harder to make. If you are young, have just started a new job, and you are determined to make your way up the professional ladder, it is often easier to neglect a long distance relationship in favor of your career. However, for some of you out there, a relationship becomes much more important: maybe you are keen to settle down, have a great (if time consuming) job already, or feel as if you have just met the ONE.

Now, there must be a few of you thinking, ‘well, then is it possible to have your cake and eat it?’ To that question, I would say yes, definitely, without a doubt, absolutely. You can’t help who you fall in love with and if you are anything like the savvy, beautiful, and smart businesswoman I know you are, then you will be an expert at organizing and juggling. So without further ado, I would like to share with you my tricks for maintaining a peaceful balance between a busy career and a long distance relationship.

1. Plan, plan, and then plan some more. I can’t reiterate enough how important planning your time is to establish the perfect balance. Knowing what you are doing and when you are doing it makes arranging those precious phone calls, visits, or Skype dates all the much easier. For this to really work, your boyfriend/girlfriend should also keep a calendar, which you can share with each other monthly to see when both of you are available… Read More

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