Glam Glow: A Biore Strip for Your Entire Face


It’s a friday night and you’ve been out dancing until 1AM. Your face is coated in makeup and you come home exhausted, crash, and *gasp* go to bed without washing your makeup off. Fast forward to the next morning when you wake up and your face looks like something out of a horror movie. We’ve all been there and we don’t judge, but we will give you our secret product to wash off last night’s dermatology mistakes.

Without further ado, we present Glamglow, a Biore strip for your entire face! Glamglow is a mud mask hat you apply to your entire face and, in 20 minutes, all the gunk that once clogged your pores is  trapped in the mask (a little TMI, but just in case you’re still hesitant, you can actually see the gunk trapped in the mask so you know it’s working).This product has been tested by the CgC Team and we give it a serious thumbs up!… Read More
Come join us at!

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