Keep Your Corporate Couture Cool in the Heat

By Courtney Parker


The sunshine, high temperatures, and increased humidity of these final days of the summer season have most of us struggling to figure out what to wear to the office. You want to keep cool to minimize the possibility of sweat stains and severe discomfort, but still maintain a professional aesthetic. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

Try a pair of dressy suit shorts. These days, there are a lot of offices that are more open to the idea of shorts at work and they are now often considered appropriate work wear, as long as some common sense is applied when it comes to their lengths. If you are at all curious if the length of your suit shorts is appropriate, try the old high school dress code rule to shorts. Place your arms flat down to your sides. If the material doesn’t come down just past your middle finger tip, then they are probably not an appropriate length for the office. Another thing to consider if you opt for suit shorts is to wear a full coverage blouse, like a roll tab button up or a long sleeve blouse in light material.

Material is another important factor to consider in regards to keeping cool. Try sticking with lightweight fabrics like silk or cotton. They are more breathable than your polyester or wool pieces and they will keep you more comfortable in the final days of this steamy summer. If you’re uncomfortable showing your legs in the workplace or if shorts just aren’t acceptable in your office, choosing a pair of wide legged pants in one of these lightweight fabrics will keep you from overheating… Read More

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