Make Your Office Style Work Overtime for You

By Courtney Parker


Today’s woman is the epitome of a multi-tasker. She cooks, she cleans, and she has a successful career as well as a buzzing social life. She hits happy hour with her girlfriends and squeezes in a hot date after she’s punched out for the day, but this is where she runs into a big dilemma: what to wear that is appropriate for a long day at the office and looks great for a night out on the town? Even though a buttoned up pant suit would say “I’m all business” and a flirty cocktail dress would scream “inappropriate for the office,” there are several styling options at your disposal that will help you seamlessly transition from work to happy hour at a local hotspot.

 A slit skirt is a must-have piece for any working woman in this situation because it’s a form fitting piece that modestly displays your shape in a flattering manner with the right length that’s appropriate for the office. There are so many variations available that it should not prove too difficult to find one that fits your personal style as well as your office’s specific dress code, but, if you’re still concerned about the slit of the skirt coming up too high, try opting for a zip up slit skirt. This will allow you to have precise control over the height of the slit, enabling you to determine just how demure or seductive you’d prefer your look to be… Read More
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