Pregnant and Stylish

By Whitney Valverde


For those women who love fashion as much I do, getting pregnant and can be a bit fashionably scary!  If you, like me, share the love for cool, good quality, stylish designs, maternity clothes seem like a huge turn off. But don’t worry, mommy-to be has come to your rescue!  I’ve found some amazing clothes that we would love to wear before, during, and after pregnancy because they are NOT maternity wear. They just happen to be super flattering for that beautiful bump of yours!

So, I have created three sets for you to be inspired: one Casual, one for work, and one more elegant for a party or a wedding, for example. I’ve also included the direct link to each item for easy shopping for those busy mums! If you have more time, though, do check out the designers I mention as they have clothes that will be a good fit for any stylish mommy-to-be!!  Enjoy!!… Read More

Come join us at!

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