Sun-kissed Glow All Year Long

By Alecia Smith


As Fall and Winter approach, the issue we deal with each and every year arises, yet again: pale skin.  With continued awareness regarding the sun’s harmful UV rays and the damaging effects of tanning beds, the struggle continues for the perfect way to get that sunkissed look without damaging your skin. At the same time, I have come to understand why my mom insisted that I wear sunscreen during my younger days: I don’t want to look like a leather raisin (you know that look), not to mention, that walking into the office looking like a lobster or an oompa loompa is NOT an appropriate office look. So what is the solution? There are some fabulous self-tanning products available now that, surprisingly enough, will not turn you orange. If you have extremely pale skin like I do, you may remember years past when self-tanning products were not favorable to our skin tones (there were times I felt like I walked straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Luckily for us, the products below are some amazing items that will give you that natural tanned look we all want!

1. St. Tropez. You can find St. Tropez at a number of locations, including Ulta and Sephora. I have to say this is probably my favorite self-tanning product. It comes in a mousse, lotion or spray form and is a little pricy if you are on a budget, but the outcome is amazing. Make sure you get the hand mitt, as well, to avoid orange palms from application!

2. Equate. If you’re on a budget, Walmart sells a fabulous self-tanner that is modeled after St. Tropez. In fact, the bottle even states that it is comparable to St. Tropez… Read More

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