The Wet Brush: The Painless Detangler You’ll Love


You get up in the morning, lay out your outfit, hop into the shower, put on your makeup, and you are ready to step out the door, but oops… forgot something? What are you gonna do about your hair? It’s wet, it’s tangled, and you’ve read a thousand times that you should NOT brush your wet locks ‘cause they’ll break your hair and create frizz. At the same time, you want to do anything to avoid that wide-toothed comb, since getting that weapon to detangle your hair just hurts too much and you find yourself uncontrollably enraged not to mention pressed for time.

Well then, is there a solution to all this morning madness? Certainly, there is! Our CgC team recently stumbled upon this new product in the market that is said to be a miraculous find. It’s called the Wet Brush and it’s point of differentiation from other similar products is simple yet revolutionary: you can use the brush on wet hair and it doesn’t leave you with anger management problems every morning!… Read More
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