Tory Burch’s Super Chic Fitness Tracker

Here at CgCDaily we talk amply about ways to maintain a balanced lifestyle and of ideas that will help busy women juggle work, health, and social life effectively. Well, sometimes all these areas in our everyday life don’t get along with each other very nicely and they make surviving more troublesome and tiring. For instance, you are planning to meet up with the girls after work today and want to be super fashionable, but the office dress code just won’t allow some of those trendy loud colors or the too-casual looking tops. Now, what about your workout routine? You know that you should hit the gym at least two times during the week, but having to stop by home to change clothes is just the right amount of distraction you need to land on the couch and say farewell to your gym membership. You wish you could wear at least part of your workout clothes to work, but that’s just unthinkable.

Well, guess what ladies?! While scavenging the web to discover the latest, trendiest, and savviest products to help you get through life in a breeze, our team found the chicest and most fashionable fitness tracker yet. Tory Burch teamed up with Fitbit and designed a small collection of accessories that allow you to track the number of steps taken, calories burned, and even your sleeping patterns… Read More
Come join us at!

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