Why We Love Fall

By Kelly Evanko


Fall is the season to revel in its wondrous ability to create a huge canvas, in which nature is its paintbrush. It is the one season that heightens all five senses and, while we sadly watch as summer slips away, we get a certain excitement for the things that autumn has to offer. Sit back, throw on your favorite sweater, grab some apple cider and we will take a joyride through the many reasons to love fall.

The Smells – It might sound weird, but every season has a certain array of scents that send our olfactory nerves into overdrive. For me, that season is definitely fall. The first thing that comes to mind is cinnamon and apples. Other fall scents are pumpkin, burning leaves, cashmere, bonfires, turkey, and of course, the crisp cool air, which has an incredible scent. What is YOUR favorite fall scent?

The Colors – Every September, the leaves on the trees turn into rich reds, oranges, yellows, deep pinks and even browns. This makes the landscape explode with beauty and there is nothing like lacing up your walking shoes or hopping into the car and taking a drive to bask in the views. No one scene is the same.

Jumping in the leaves – I will admit, I hate raking leaves, but when I was a kid I loved when my dad would rake piles of leaves. I would spend hours jumping in them and throwing them around. When I see a pile of leaves today, I get a smile on my face remembering the fun I had.

Apples – This is the time of year when apples of many varieties are in season. I love going to an apple farm and picking my own. I love to eat apple pie, apple dumplings, apple cobbler, baked apples, caramel apples, and everyone’s favorite, apple cider. My favorite apple is the Jazz variety. It is red, yellow, and has the most amazing sweetness to it… Read More

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