8 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

By Grace Beekman


Finding ways to ignite my creativity is sometimes quite difficult — especially when I’m mining  through a long list of to-dos, deadlines, and appointments. As much as I love my daily patterns and routines, the constant monotony can be such a creative-buzz killer.

I used to think that creativity was some kind of gift only bestowed upon a particular group of people by the “creative muses,” but I’ve discovered that it is less of a divine, “parting of the clouds” and more of a persistent, conscious decision to experiment with the world around me. Although creative expression differs from one person to another, here are a few ways that helped me in my quest to become original and more innovative!


1. Adopt a “Why Not?” Mentality: While some limitations help direct our thinking, others might stifle rather than encourage our thoughts. Don’t build barriers when you’re brainstorming for creative ideas! Keeping an open mind and embracing the strange will help you think in ways you might  have thought were impossible.

2. Read: Making time to read fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or biographies is a great way to broaden your horizon of understanding. Exploring different fields, subject areas, or genres through reading may take your mind down a new creative path.

3. Draw, Paint, Doodle, or Handwrite Your Ideas: Try visualizing your ideas in a new way! Step away from your laptop and try writing your ideas by hand. Doodle while you brainstorm. Paint or draw your thoughts on a separate sheet of paper. Escape from the sound of the keyboard and try combining your task with an artistic activity. It may just help spark a new idea…Read More

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