Evolving Interview Attire

By Brittany Michele


First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to interviewing for a new job. Years ago, planning your outfit for an interview was pretty standard and simple. Women opted for a suit, whether it was a skirt or a pant suit. It most likely was in the color black, gray or navy, and there was definitely nothing fun or fashionable going on when planning this look. To accessorize your suit, women would throw on ordinary black pumps and call it a day. Interviewing attire was simply mundane and boring; until now.

Currently, women can take more risks when they dress for interviews. It is not to say that you should sport mixed prints, crop tops or fringe, but it is possible to show off your fashionable side during the interview process. After all, you want to make a proper and lasting impression on your potential new employer.

Patterns and Prints

If you are going to wear prints, make sure you balance that statement piece with something quieter. For instance, wear a printed blouse tucked into a black pencil skirt with nude pumps. If you are going to wear a printed or patterned skirt, wear a neutral colored blouse to top off the look. You can add a pop of interest to your outfit and still be interview-appropriate…Read More

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