Spicy Tumeric Twice Baked Potato

By Karielyn Tillman


If you want a change of pace and a little spice to your regular twice baked potatoes, these Spicy Turmeric Twice Baked Potatoes are just for you! They are very flavorful due to the turmeric and cumin and a little spicy from the red pepper flakes. This recipe uses two potatoes, which could be a meal for two or a side dish for four. And don’t worry if you don’t have or want to use regular white potatoes… I’ve made this with sweet potatoes, too, and it’s just as good! Traditional twice baked potatoes are usually filled with dairy like cheese, sour cream, yogurt and butter. This healthy version is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo (based on Primal Palate’s paleo guidelines).

5 Fast Facts About Potatoes:

  • one potato contains 16% dv of fiber
  • one potato contains 39% of vitamin B6
  • good source of zinc, copper and magnesium
  • contains more potassium than a banana
  • 20% of a potatoes nutrients are in it’s skin
5 Fast Facts About Almonds (Almond Milk):

  • helps to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure
  • energy booster
  • loaded with calcium and fiber
  • 1/4 cup contains 8 grams of vegan protein
  • high in anti-oxidants
5 Fast Facts About Turmeric:

  • antibacterial and a natural antiseptic
  • excellent for liver detoxification
  • contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • powerful anti-oxidant and it can inhibits cancer cell growth
  • 2 teaspoons contain 17% dv of manganese
5 Fast Facts About Cumin:

  • high in anti-oxidants
  • aids in digestion
  • 1 tablespoon contains 20% dv of iron
  • 1 tablespoon contains 6% RDV of magnesium
  • can help lower cholesterol and triglyceride

5 Fast Facts About Garlic:

  • regulates blood sugar levels
  • lowers high blood pressure
  • contains anti-bacterial and analgesic properties
  • anti-viral
  • helps to lower cholesterol levels
5 Fast Facts About Shallots:

  • 1 cup contains 24% dv of iron
  • good source of fiber
  • 1 cup contains 11% potassium
  • contains more antioxidants than onions
  • contains 10% dv of folate
5 Fast Facts About Extra-Virgin Olive Oil:

  • lowers blood cholesterol levels
  • rich in anti-oxidants
  • improves bone mineralization and calcification
  • excellent protection from heart attack and stroke
  • contains anti-inflammatory benefits
5 Fast Facts About Himalayan Pink Salt:

  • contains 84 minerals
  • unrefined, unprocessed, raw
  • promotes stable pH balance in cells
  • controls water levels in the body
  • aids digestion and facilitates better nutrient absorption

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