Summer to Autumn Work Dress

By Mana Smith


Summer is coming to a close. The stores are full of fall fashion and, in some places, the weather feels like Mother Nature is really anxious for her first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year. You begin wistfully packing away all your summer clothing, BUT you should probably keep that dress out. You know, the one, you look amazing in and don’t really want to pack away. Well lucky for you, I can show you three ways to wear it for Autumn without looking like you’ve lost your mind or forgot to check the weather.

The first step is tights. Get a good pair of super dark ones. HUE, DKNY or American Apparel all have great opaque options.

Then, if your work allows it or has regular casual Fridays, wear your favorite Chambray under your dress and pair it with some really cute Loafers. Roll the sleeves up and slip on a simple bracelet and you have a complete work and weather appropriate outfit.

If your work is more formal, you can go for the obvious option and pair it with a Blazer. I adore the Boy Blazers from J.Crew. To make it a little less obvious, throw on some leather Chelsea Boots and you are ready. Finish the outfit with some dainty stud earrings…Read More

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