Throw and Go

By Maria Kang


Are you always in a rush? Consistently stumped on what to wear all the time? These easy “throw & go” pieces are what every woman “on the go” needs to look fashionable while saving time and effort.

1. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are back and they are a key item this summer and for the upcoming Fall. Jumpsuits are great when you don’t know what to wear (especially when you’re in a rush) since you can just slip them on and voila!
When buying a jumpsuit or a romper, consider one in black that’s structured and dressy, something that is versatile and you can wear to work or on a night out.

2. Shift Dress

Shift dresses are another great easy piece that can be worn to the office or out on the town. The fact that they are a boxier/looser fit, makes them very easy to just throw on and go. This type of cut draws attention away from the tummy and it’s flattering on most body types.

3. Make your own one piece

Use all the solid plain shirts and you don’t wear very often to create your own one-piece look! Pair these basics with a matching solid color or patterned trouser and tuck in your  shirt. Add a belt and it will give the illusion that it’s a one-piece jumpsuit. For example, If you have a black top and black trousers you rarely wear, pair them together and make it appear as if you are wearing a jumpsuit. Black on black always looks super chic…Read More

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