Transitioning Your Work Wardrobe

By Alecia Smith


We’ve been talking a lot about Fall and transitioning your wardrobe for the cooler weather, but the main question for most of us still remains: how do we transition ourwork wardrobe? You’ve seen the articles about what trends are going to be popular for Fall – shades of grey, deep reds, tweed, athletic wear, wide leg pants, leather, etc. But how do you wear these trends to work and remain work appropriate? Well, the great thing about these Fall trends is that you can wear almost every single one to the office. Less skin means more ways to make the trend office appropriate. Here are a few ideas on how you can style Fall trends into your office wear!

1. Buy a deep red pencil skirt or wide-leg pair of pants.  This is an amazing way to incorporate the deep rich colors of fall into our work wardrobe. You can never go wrong with a pencil skirt in the office and by wearing a deep red pair of wide-leg pants, you get to show off two Fall trends in one!  Pair either of these with a white button up or silk blouse and you will be one of the most stylish employees in your office!


2. Leather is going to be a big trend this Fall and Winter. A great way to incorporate this into your work wardrobe in a less obvious manner than a leather jacket is to wear a leather skirt! Pair this with a fabulous blouse and you will be Fall trend perfection!


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